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Work Package 5

WP5 - Synergy Program to evaluate the Reconstruction and the upgraded equipment of the R/V PHILIA

Responsibles: Prof. G. Tzampiras (NTUA), Dr. D. Sakellariou (HCMR)
Duration: 44 months (Μ4-Μ48), (01/04/2018 - 31/12/2021)

Action 5.1. Evaluation of the efficiency of the reconstruction

Participants: HCMR, NTUA

The objective of Action 5.1 is to carry out a holistic research mission. Equipment will be used and tested to optimize its use in relation to the navigation performance of the vessel. In particular: (a) the training of crew and scientific staff in the new equipment and new capabilities of the Infrastructure; and (b) testing the refurbished vessel under real fieldwork conditions in order to optimize its sampling capacity and efficiency. Data will be collected that will serve as a first comprehensive ecosystem study from plankton to benthos and fish, including oceanography.

Action 5.2. Hydrodynamic studies - evaluation of vessel capabilities

Participants: NTUA, HCMR

The objective of Action 5.2 is to carry out a series of scientific measurements, shipbuilding technology, for the performance of the vessel's navigation as a fishing vessel and for the certification of the ship's performance forecasting computing tools. The modernized ship equipment with computers, communication systems, with modern navigation instruments will be utilized. In the framework of this Action: Forecasting propulsion requirements using computational methods, predictions of propulsion requirements using experimental methods in scale models, standard speed tests and conduction optimization, dynamic wave behavior measurements, comparison with experimental results and certification of computational methods

Action 5.3. Management Plan development for the Avoidance of Incidents in the Greek Seas

Participants: HCMR, NTUA

The objective of Action 5.3 is to examine the ability of the reconstructed infrastructure to play a dual role (preventive and operational) in the case of marine wrecks by improving the methods and procedures required to avoid the upgrading of ships in Greek territorial waters.

The Plan will be based on the National Emergency Plan and its implementation is expected to significantly enhance safety in the Greek seas as well as the protection of the marine and coastal environment. The action will be completed in three stages, in order to better organize and process it:

Stage 1: Identifying and selecting dangerous points for earthquakes in Greek seas
Stage 2: On-site inspection of the selected points
Stage 3: Developing a Management Plan to Avoid Incidents in the Greek Seas

Deliverables of WP5

Deliverable Title Deadline
D5.1 Evaluation of the modernization and results of the holistic research mission of HCMR and NTUA - Technical Report Μ50 (31/10/2022)
D5.2 Results of studies and calculations of resistance & propulsion and behavior in waves - Technical report Μ54 (30/06/2022)
D5.3 Management Plan to Avoid Incidents in the Greek Seas - Technical Report Μ54 (31/10/2022)