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Work Package 2

WP2: Modernization and upgrading of the construction of R/V PHILIA

Responsibles: Prof. G. Zarafonitis (NTUA), Dr. A. Machias (HCMR)
Duration: 54 months (Μ1-Μ54), (01/01/2018 – 30/06/2022)

Action 2.1. Auction topics and technical specifications

Participants: NTUA, HCMR

The objective of Action 2.1. is to determine the technical specifications of the required shipbuilding work. Specifically, technical specifications and tender bids will be drawn up.

Action 2.2. Supervision of work for the modernization and upgrading of the vessel

Participants: HCMR, NTUA

The objective of Action 2.2 is the oversight of Action 2.1 and concerns in order to ascertain the execution of the vessel according to the plans and technical specifications of the project as well as the regulations and the requirements of good practice.

Action 2.3 (Sub-Action 3) Shipbuilding

Participant: HCMR. Implementation in the Region of Crete

The objective of Action 2.3 is the announcement and implementation of the shipbuilding work for the upgrading and modernization of the vessel. More precisely:

  • Bridge reconstruction
  • Decommissioning and restoration of habitats and workshops and replacement of existing internal insulation
  • Construction and installation of a hydraulic suspension system (A-Frame) and a reclining aft rail
  • Maintenance of the existing HIAB crane
  • Purchase and installation of a vacuum and biological cleaning system
  • Piping work
  • Replacing electrical wiring and panels
  • Replacing a power generator

Action 2.4. Issue / Renewal of ship certificates

Participant: HCMR

The objective of Action 2.4 is to issue a license for retrofitting and to issue or renew the vessel’s certificates by the competent bodies, including the ICPD and the Register of Shipping after the completion of the works.

Deliverables of WP2

Deliverable Title Deadline
D2.1 Reconstruction plans. Tender Documents M22 (31/10/2019)
D2.2 Inspection report for upgrading and modernization of the vessel - Technical report M54 (30/06/2022)
D2.3 Performance of modernization and upgrading of the vessel - Shipbuilding M54 (30/06/2022)
D2.4  Class and Airworthiness Certificates of the Ship - Certificates Μ47 (30/11/2021)