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Work Package 6

WP6 - Free use of the R/V PHILIA and its upgraded equipment by third parties

Responsibles: Dr. S. Somarakis (HCMR), Prof. M. Samouilidis (NTUA)
Duration: 54 months (Μ1-Μ54), (01/01/2018 - 30/06/2022)

Action 6.1. Advisory Committee appointment

Participants: HCMR, NTUA

The objective of Action 6.1 is to set up an independent Advisory Committee consisting of five members, one from each partner (HCMR), one from the productive fishing industry and two distinguished marine research scientists. The role of the Advisory Committee is to define the call specifications, the evaluation criteria and the evaluation of the proposals to be submitted.

Action 6.2. Announcement and evaluation of proposals for the use of R/V PHILIA

Participants: HCMR, NTUA

The objective of Action 6.2 is to announce a call for interest for the use of the Research / Innovation Program for the purpose of research, studies, training of young scientists. The call will include specific objectives and criteria that will give priority to productive sectors (eg fisheries, aquaculture), proposals involving more than one scientific field, including fisheries or aquaculture, and training for young scientists and students, while additional criteria will be available the publication of scientific publications and other publicity measures of the proposal (and hence of the Committee).

Action 6.3. Implemention and evaluation of selected programs

Participants: HCMR, NTUA

The objective of Action 6.3 is to implment the selected programs under Action 6.2, to receive the relevant reports with the results of each program and to evaluate the programs carried out by the Advisory Committee, based on the objectives set in each proposal. In the technical report of each program a special chapter will be provided which will be mandatory and will refer to the functionality of the FRF's infrastructure.

Deliverables of WP6

Deliverable Title Deadline
D6.1 Advisory Committee appointment 31/03/2018
D6.2 Terms and Conditions - Call of proposals 31/08/2018
D6.3 Evaluation and Selection Report of the submitted proposals - Technical Report 31/08/2020
D6.4 Outcome reports of the implemented programs - Technical Report 30/06/2022