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Work Package 4

WP4 – Promotion and dissemination

Responsibles: M. Manopoulou (HCMR), Prof. N. Ventikos (NTUA)
Duration: 54 months (Μ1-Μ54) 01/01/2018 - 30/06/2022

The aim of WP4 is to develop a communication strategy for the dissemination of advanced operational capabilities and navigation of the renovated vessel, aiming at informing potential users such as academic, research and educational institutions and bodies, with particular emphasis on local fishermen associations, the aquaculture industry as well of the general public.

Action 4.1. Communication and Dissemination Plan

Participants: HCMR, NTUA

The objective of Action 4.1 is to establish a communication plan describing the communication strategy, identifying the key messages, identifying the target groups, the communication tools to be used, the actions and the timetable for implementation. the promotion and dissemination of the use of the R/V PHILIA and its upgraded equipment.

Action 4.2. Communication tools

Participants: HCMR, NTUA

The objective of Action 4.2 is to create the communication tools necessary for the implementation of the communication strategy such as visual identity, interactive website, social networks, information brochure, promotional and audiovisual material, articles / press releases and publications in scientific journals and conferences.

Action 4.3. Communication Campaign

Participants: HCMR, NTUA

The aim of Action 4.3 is to organize actions using the communication tools for the continuous promotion of the project and to inform both the potential users and the general public. Continuous promotion concerns presentations of the project in conferences and events, organization of events such as an Open Day (official opening) and an Open Week, scheduled at the port of Piraeus as well as Open Days at local ports as part of planned research trips - enabling the general public and local players to visit the R/V PHILIA and to be informed about the actions and services provided.

Deliverables of WP4

Deliverable Title Deadline
D4.1 Communication plan - Internal report 30/03/2018
D4.2 Communication tools website, social networks, brochures, promotional material, audiovisual material, articles, press releases 31/12/2018
D4.3 Communication actions - Meetings, presentation days, open days, open week 30/06/2021, 30/06/2022