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Work Package 3

WP3 (Sub-project 4 and Sub-project 5) - Modernization and upgrading of the equipment of the R/V PHILIA

Responsibles: Dr. M. Giannoulaki (HCMR), Prof G. Zarafonitis (NTUA)
Duration: 36 months (M1-M36) 01/01/2018 - 31/12/2020

Sub-Action 4: Modernization and purchase of marine and fishing gear
Implementation in the Region of Crete

The purpose of supplying and installing fishing gears is to accurately navigate the vessel, make more efficient and accurate sampling, safer and more accurate dumping of scientific instruments, and target specific bent or inter-shore trawling.

The purpose of replacing and upgrading shipping software and electronic maps is to contribute with precision in:

  1. assessing the state of the fish stocks
  2. monitoring the quality of water, marine organisms and pollution; and
  3. coastal zone management

The purpose of equipment installation for satellite Internet and Fax is to acquire the ability to communicate when running programs on the open sea or in international waters.

Subproject 5: Modernization of the scientific equipment
Implementation in the Aegean Region

The objective of purchasing and installing scientific equipment (a Multi-beam sonar and a sampler (Rosette and CTD) for the measurement of chemical and biological parameters in the water column) is to upgrade the operational capabilities of HCMR by ensuring maximum flexibility in the execution of research programs.

Deliverables of WP3

Deliverable Title Deadline
D3.1 Procurement Report and supervision of the procurement and installation work of the equipment. Technical report 31/12/2020
D3.2 Purchase and Installation of Equipment of Sub-Project 4 31/12/2020
D3.3 Purchase of Equipment of Sub-Project 5 31/12/2020